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Build Date Jan 25 2011 12:15:28
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RRDTOOL Copyright


Portions copyright 2003 - 2007 by Dale Walsh (buildsmart@daleenterprise.com).

Portions relating to rrdtool 1999 - 2007 by Tobias Oetiker.


Permission has been granted to copy, distribute and modify rrd in any context without fee, including a commercial application, provided that this notice is present in user-accessible supporting documentation.

This does not affect your ownership of the derived work itself, and the intent is to assure proper credit for the authors of rrdtool, not to interfere with your productive use of rrdtool. If you have questions, ask. "Derived works" includes all programs that utilize the library. Credit must be given in user-accessible documentation.

This software is provided "AS IS." The copyright holders disclaim all warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to this code and accompanying documentation.

Special Thanks

Perl by Larry Wall

gd library by Thomas Boutell

gifcode from David Koblas

libpng by Glenn Randers-Pehrson / Andreas Eric Dilger / Guy Eric Schalnat

cgilib by Martin Schulze

zlib by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler

Portions relating to php4 and php5 bindings and the RRDTool Framework, Dale Walsh (buildsmart@daleenterprise.com)